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“Crowning a towering mountain skirted by luxuriant jungle, XXX hotel commands a breathtaking view of sea and sky. It is an inspired fusion of design styles - tropical Victorian, neo-classical, French - but it is so much more… What would in most earthly places seem to be an impossible jumble of disparate elements is here at XXX hotel magically metamorphosed to harmonious beauty.” 


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Vegas de Santiago Premium Cigars Reviews:

Le 06.10.2016 at 8:30pm, Steve wrote :

Hi Marc,

Thank you for your reply. I've smoked cigars for about 50 years. My father was a cigar smoker and Costa Rican cigars remind me of the pre-embargo machine made cigars he smoked.

I normally smoke good cigars that are on sale and seconds. I do smoke some premium cigars and your cigars are some of the best rolled I've ever smoked. Also, whoever is blending your tobacco is an artist.




Le 24.09.2016 à 04:42, B. S. wrote :
Thank you so much for the extra samplers. That was most generous! I am really impressed with the craftsmanship of your cigars. They are so perfectly rolled. World class! 
Thank you again, and I hope your business grows. I will be purchasing from you again.


January 2010 > From Roy - Great Britain

Dear Don Fernando,
Further to my email (copy below), I am writing as promised to let you know my thoughts:
First appearance:-    The cigars looked very well constructed and of high quality. The finish was flawless.
Draw:-    Smooth and easy, but not too light. Very satisfactory.
Burn:-    Even, regular burn. Generally 'average' burn rate.
Flavour:-    It would be unfair to pass a firm opinion based on my limited numbers of each cigar smoked, but my first thoughts are: The Chaman, VDS Puros, and the Don Luis were all milder than I would usually smoke, but are nice 'day time' cigars. The differences between those three were more subtle than I would have expected.
Of the other three, my favourite and most distinctive was the D8, closely followed by the Heritage, both of which had much fuller more distinct tastes - far more what I am used to. Finally the VDS original seemed to bridge the gap very ably between the milder and fuller flavoured cigars.
Overall, I was very happy with the smoking experience of your cigars. I was particularly impressed by the D8 Churchill.
I look forward to trying more, probably in my more often smoked corona size.
Yours sincerely,

September 2009

Oleg a écrit :

Dear Marc,

Vegas de Santiago Puros Edicion Especial Canionazo were smoked in the blind tasting by four experts and received 8,7/10 points on the average. My opinion, non-blind, is the same: 8,7/10.  

Best regards,

Hi-Fun Media, Oleg Chechilov, Editor-in-chief "Smoke Russia" magazine


29 june 2009
From : Thomas B. Bender
          Editor-in-Chief Cigar Week

Congratulations on the fine review and the four star rating. Please don't be strangers to CW.

Some things, especially an unknown company found by chance, really are worth trying. Given a few focal points that add up to being a decent if not better smoke, Vegas de Santiago pleased me
through and through. For all Costa Rican longfiller cigars, these are smooth with a bit of tooth at the same time. I especially enjoyed and recommend the Chaman and Don Luis. We'll be
getting in a shipment of these before long at all.
Personal Tasting
Notes: Chaman/Don Luis
(Churchill and Torpedo respectively)
Surprisingly good build
Attractive and delightfuly scented wrappers
exhibiting spice and cedar
Lots of body and bite
Beautiful white marbled ash
Firm draw but loosens when smoked
A very decent deal on a unique stick
A virtual unknown lends interest in public as they embody a very unique and pleasing aroma (a bit like a Romeo Real)

Rating: Gold/Plat.


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