The Quality of our Premium Cigars originates in the Fields

Premium Cigars from Costa Rica!

Welcome at Vegas de Santiago premium cigars manufacture in Costa Rica. We are pleased to share our world of tobacco and of hand made premium cigars with you.

The farmers of the Santiago de Puriscal region in Costa Rica grow tobacco for our fine cigars in the rich and fertile volcanic highlands at a height of 1,100 meters (3,500 ft.).

All the labour is carried out manually. This cultivation was inherited from the Huetar Indians who considered the tobacco plant "sacred".

One of the most important factors for the quality of fine cigars is the process of drying and curing the tobacco leaves.

Our aging process is absolutely natural and, as with excellent wine, it takes our tobacco a minimum of three years to come to its full maturity.

To obtain a perfect, regular burn for our cigars we use the tubing technique for the "longfiller". Once our cigars are manufactured, they are kept in our fully acclimatized "cedar room" for another three months before being ready for distribution.

In our Tobacco Tour, we invite you to meet and benefit from the knowledge of the artisans of the region in the production of excellent tobacco and the manufacture of fine cigars.

Warm Greetings from Costa Rica,

Vegas de Santiago